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Friday, May 22, 2009

Earthy Green Kitchen

I moved into my new home August 2008. The house is a semi-attached built in the late 1940s (1947) and hence has lots of character. As with any new home once you move in you just want to make it our own. As a foodie I spend much of my time at home in the kitchen and therefore desired to paint the kitchen and make it more modern, with a bit of my character in it.

Browsing through endless palette colors proved to be tedious, and my indecisive self could not decide on a bold reddish color or to use more earthy tones. Considering the kitchen goes off onto a deck and out into a garden of fresh herbs, mature trees, as well as my personal love for outdoors, nature and greenery the emerging theme was apparent - earth friendly tones. Benjamin Moore’s Misted Fern (green) provides a nice accent wall which complements the lighter Hemp Seed (a shade of beige) color. These colors stand out even more with the trim painted white. The earthy theme was enhanced with bamboo placements, bamboo shoots in a glass vase and potted herbs growing (basil, coriander, dill, rosemary), which I will be transplanting to the garden today.

Other additions to render this 1940s home more modern were the addition of a high glass pub table with leather stools. And lastly my kitchen would not be complete without a chalkboard featuring the menu of the day – one of my many narotic tendencies. I used an old picture frame without the glass, primed the pressed board and then painted a few coats of Benjamin Moore’s black chalkboard paint. As usual I posted way too many photos... enjoy!



Fresh strawberries from the Parkdale Market

Before around door

After around door

More pictures of the kitchen before being painted can be seen here.

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Forts said...

The pictures look good, almost as good as the room. Funny how they showcase me doing the work and you only taking photos… :)

Parker said...

I am pretty sure I did my fair share of taping, painting and cleaning :)

Helene said...

I have to say that I completely love the new look.

Psychgrad said...

Like the colour choice! Fresh, clean...

Now I want to go get some strawberries.

Christelle said...

oh no no no, it's not too many pictures, it's a beautiful kitchen and I'm very happy to see the photos, you're very lucky!:)

Robin Sue said...

Thanks for sharing the name of the green paint. It is the color I am looking for for in my mudroom and small bathroom. It is the perfect green. Love the high table!

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