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Monday, May 24, 2010

Grilled Roast Beef

It has been a great week long vacation. Thus far I have enjoyed drinks with friends on the patio, soaking in a hot tub with a group of girls gabbing away, many barbecues and working in my backyard/garden. Today I will be helping put flagstone down the side of the house to make a nice new path leading to the backyard. Last night after a full day of activities (golfing and tidious errands) I chilled out on the deck and grilled a 2lbs roast beef.

Grainy Mustard Marinade
2 T grainy mustard
1 T red wine vinegar
1 tsp dried or fresh thyme or rosemary

Pre-heat grill to medium high. With marinade on beef, sear each side of the beef on the grill for about 4-5 min per side. Then if using a 3 burner grill, turn the middle burner off and turn the 2 side burners to medium. Grill the beef with indirect heat for about 45-60min for a 2lb roast. Internal temp of 140-145F for medium to medium rare.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thin Crust Pizza

An easy friday night dinner is homemade pizza. What makes it even easier is buying a pre-made crust. Although I love making my own whole wheat pizza dough, if you haven't made it in advance it is not something you can whip up considering it has to rise. I really like the whole wheat blue menu pizza crusts, as they are thin and light. I also love my homemade pesto on my pizzas along with the following ingredients.

thin crust pizza
tomato sauce
italian sausage (pre-cooked)
baby spinach
sliced mushrooms
tomatoes diced
goat cheese

Heat oven to 425F. Cook crust for 5min before adding sauce and toppings. Spread pesto on crust, followed by tomato sauce. Top with ingredients peperoni/italian sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. Crumble cheese on top. Place in oven for about 10 min. Broil for 2 min until cheese is browned.