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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My morning began with an easter egg hunt, followed by a beautiful morning walk by the canal to test out my new camera. I tried playing with all the features, making sure it has want I am looking for and that I am able to use them with ease.

I will not be posting any recipes today, as I will be busy cooking for Easter Sunday as well as some random items for the week. I will likely be making some red pepper hummus, a pot roast with root vegetables, followed by a banana cheesecake (decorated with yummy mini easter eggs).

The rest of the day will be to test out that camera again and again, relax by reading, playing some cards and if I actually do anything productive it will be to start my taxes - yuck! But I think I have enough things to do today, that I will be able to procrastinate on that errand for another week or so.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

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