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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sushi Generations

I have not posted much this week, as it has been more than hectic, and I am not sure between now and the new year things will settle down. I think I just need to better organize my time, or learn to live off 4 hours of sleep. Things I have made in the last week have been nothing to brag about, much less post. Lets see I had rice krispies that were going stale, so I made peanut butter rice krispy bars, an omelete using up left overs in the fridge, a pita pizza and dined out more than once. After this weekend I hope to get back on track and get cooking and baking normal meals again.

I can't complain about having to eat out at my favorite sushi place though. I was introduced to Sushi Generations through a friend and it has become a great lunch place for a group of us girls to frequent and catch up with one another. The sushi is very fresh and flavorful, the presentation pretty and the serve always nice and polite. The presentation in the above is not representative of some of the dishes, noting I went with take out this time....told you it has been a lazy and crazy week.

On another note months ago I was tagged by Bexxie from Pies and Bass. At the time I was not blogging much and did not get around to passing on the tag. So I thought I would get going on this now.

Once you are tagged there are some rules to follow which are posted below. Then you are to tag 5 others.

Here are the MeMe rules:

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Five Facts About Me

1. I graduated from Kinesiology (BSc. Kin) and worked as a Kin and personal trainer for 5 years. Now I work for a health and safety organization.

2. In my spare time I love to be outdoors be it running, hiking, and/or biking (or cooking of course).

3. My vice is red wine - (with bread and cheese).

4. My birthday is in November making me a scorpio - intense, determined, emotional, introvert, secretive, deep, passionate, loyal, brooding, extreme and mysterious..... seems pretty accurate!

5. My favorite season is fall as I love the fall foods, colors, the smell of the cool air and of course Halloween.

So here is who I am tagging:
1. Our Kitchen Sink
2. Apples and Butter
3. Butter Sugar Flour
4. Easy Does It
5. Feel Good Eats
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Christelle said...

Ah sweet, thanks!!I feel very flattered!

VeggieGirl said...

Lovely sushi!!

Fun facts!! I too love fall :0)

Helene said...

This looks good. We love sushis. This is our take-out treat. It beats McDonald.

Darius T. Williams said...

I totally love fall too - like totally!


Adam said...

I like Scorpios, they are fun and tend to just tell things how they are :)

I would yell at you for not cooking and baking... but sushi is just too awesome to pass up, so you get a free do whatever you want pass :)

Bellini Valli said...

Fall is of course my favourite time of the year as well. A strong wind blew in over the weekend and blew all the leaves off of my maple though so now it just seems cold, stark and wet...until the sun shones again:D

Kerri said...

Proud to be part of your sushi posse!

Kerri said...

Glad to be part of your sushi posse!

Lo said...

Great sushi pix... and I'm with you about this time of the year getting busy. Good thing it's so lovely outdoors!

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