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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Foodbuzz Publisher Community Launches

I am excited to spread the news about “the official launch of the Foodbuzz Publisher Community, which is comprised of more than 1,000 global food bloggers, known as “Featured Publishers.” On October 13, 2008 the Foodbuzz team posted this blog announcing their official launch:

“At launch, the Foodbuzz community successfully broke into the top ten rankings of internet destinations for food and dining, according to Quantcast, a global internet rating service.

In addition, the inaugural 24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Blogs event—which aims to showcase 24 Featured Publisher blog posts around the globe in a 24-hour period—kicked off on Sept. 20 and successfully displayed to online food enthusiasts an international, virtual street festival of food and diversity.”’24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Blogs’ captures the quality and unique local perspective of our food bloggers and shares it with the world,” said Ryan Stern, Director of the Foodbuzz Publisher Community. “It illustrates exactly what the future of food publishing is all about—real food, experienced by real people, shared real-time.”

Foodbuzz is proud to be the only online community with content created by food bloggers and rated by foodies, offering over 20,000 pieces of new food and dining content weekly. Members can vote for their favorite pieces of content (recipes, photos, blog posts, videos, restaurant reviews) by “buzzing” them up to the top of the daily menu of submissions. “Food bloggers are at the forefront of reality publishing and the dramatic growth of new media has redefined how food enthusiasts access tasty content,” said Doug Collister, Executive Vice President of Foodbuzz, Inc.Foodbuzz

While the site is logging over 14 million monthly page views and over three million unique monthly visits, the Foodbuzz blogger community is concurrently growing at a rate of 40 percent per month, driven by strong growth in existing partner blogs.

“Our goal is to be the number-one online source of quality food and dining content by promoting the talent, enthusiasm, and knowledge of food bloggers around the globe,” said Ben Dehan, founder and CEO of Foodbuzz, Inc. “Foodbuzz is like the stock of a great soup, allowing bloggers to contribute content and subsequently interact in a rapidly growing, online niche-specific community.”

I have been a member of Foodbuzz since May 2008 with almost 100 posts. During this time I have become acquainted with foodies from all over the world. This international community has inspired both my love of international cuisine as well as put me in touch with foodies who share similar ethics about locally grown food and sustainability. I have learned so much about food, cooking, culture and perhaps as or more important is what I have learned about people. Foodbuzz has also played a pivotal role in the growth of my blog. They even sent me these cute mini business cards advertising my blog and Foodbuzz. I absolutely love them!

Thank you Foodbuzz and congratulations on your launch.
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VeggieGirl said...

Hooray!! I have those business cards too :0)

Adam said...

Isn't all that stuff cool! I got really suprised when I got an apron and stuff. I'm a messy cook, so it totally came in handy.

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