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Friday, October 10, 2008


You do not have to be in Cuba or Mexico to enjoy this nice tropical beverage (although I wouldn't mind relaxing by sitting on a beach anytime soon). In fact after a long day working around the house or hiking/biking, or just after a long hard week at work it is nice to retire to the deck and sip on this refreshing drink. I am not one to try many drinks, I like wine and beer and love to try endless types of both, but when it comes to alcohol I do not really drink it with the odd exceptions - like this again refreshing mojitos.

Unfortunately this past weekend was the last of my holidays before going back to work. However, on the bright side it is now Friday and I can now enjoy another one of these delicioius drinks as I relax on my now leaf infested patio. As much as I love fall it is nice to have a reminder of summer once and a while and with the temp at 20C I think this drink can be resurrected before the real frost sets in.

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Happy cook said...

I love Mojitos on a very summer day.
This looks yumm.
Wish i was living next to you, then i would have poped over on friday ( today) to have them

VeggieGirl said...

Looks refreshing!

nicisme said...

Makes me wish for summer again. Ours was pretty ghastly actually - I think I can count the warm days on one hand.

Helene said...

My friend loves Mojitos. I never tasted them. I usually relax, on Friday Night, with a good beer or glass of wine.

Peter M said...

A fine drink but very dangerous one. One doesn't taste all the booze in them.

RecipeGirl said...

Hey, you're talkin' to a major mojito fan here! I've made every kind of mojito imaginable.. from watermelon to cranberry. Mojitos are good stuff!

Bellini Valli said...

I had these when I was in Cuba. I had one also in Havana where Ernest Hemmingway did as well. They are very refreshing:D

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