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Monday, May 5, 2008

Tomato & Feta Sandwich with Pesto Mayonnaise

I did not mearure the amount of mayonnaise vs pesto and think it is a personal choice on flavor anyways. I started with a few heaper Tablespoons of light helman's mayonnaise and kept adding a couple teaspoons to the mixture until I reached the desired taste.
It is great on panini or any type of sandwich.

This is a handcrafted dish from my travels to Peru.
Peruvian artwork, crafts and pottery are very impressive.

Tomato and Feta on Toasted Baguette with lettuce & pesto mayonnaise

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jj said...

This looks great for sandwhiches, thanks. And that really is a beautiful dish.

Bellini Valli said...

I have just taken a quick browse through your blog. I will be back later to have a closer look. We have such similar taste in food I just love everything!!!!! I see also that you are from Ottatwa. I have a Canadian blogger section on my blog so will add your link. Keep up the great work!

Parker said...

Thanks Bellini valli for the link to your canadian section. I checked your blog out earlier and really great stuff... I too will be back.

Kevin said...

I like the sound of pesto mayonnaise.

bookwurm70 said...

This is amazing! Just tried it and I love it. I had some leftover grilled chicken I needed to get rid of and added that to the mayonnaise. It made the best chicken salad sandwich I have ever had!

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