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Monday, July 12, 2010

The 19th Hole: Steak and Potato

I was on vacation last week. Rather than my typical hiking and camping trips I was content to just relax at home. The weather was fantastic allowing me to get in gardening, painting, running, cooking, hanging out with friends and family and yes some golf.
I only get out a few times a summer, so it is pretty hard to improve my game with little practice and well let's face it little patience!!! During my week off I was able to get out two times and was very happy with my last game. Although I a long ways off from breaking 100, I definetly felt improved.
The best part of a round of golf is the 19th hole. Whether it is to celebrate a good game or drink away your pathetic excuse for 4 putting on a green, it is a great way to end the game.
My favorite place for the 19th hole is on my deck. My husband and I had a couple beers and opened a bottle of wine to enjoy with a perfectly grilled T-bone steak and baked potato.

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